Adam Scott Glasspool performs slow, sad alt. folk inflected with tinges of ambient electronica. He has released 4 EPs of various styles and moods, undertaken three UK tours, performed three times at Glastonbury Festival, and does this with one guitar, recreating the complex arrangement of his songs with the help of a loop pedal. 

Adam Scott Glasspool first started going it alone in April 2015. After almost a decade in various bands, honing the craft of songwriting, Adam decided to step back from fuzzed up guitars and burbling synths and stripped it all down to just his guitar. The result was his debut EP 'On Dreams', a haunting and atmospheric collection of songs released to critical acclaim. 

The rest of the year saw Adam travelling up and down the country, performing the songs to people, where they seemed to take on a new life by way of a loop pedal. A free live recording was released in November 2015.

Inspired by this more structured yet complex approach Adam began recording again, creating a new EP, 'I Welcome the Flood'. Fans of 'On Dreams' will find familiar territory here, but also a progression and evolution of the sound. 'I Welcome the Flood' was released on February 15th 2016 and was accompanied by a UK tour.

Adam's third EP, The Atlantic, was released on October 23rd 2016. It was somewhat of a departure and was released as a surprise at Adam's last performance before a break from playing live. Adam used the time off to create his fourth EP, Any Joy. More electronic and sparse than previous releases, Any Joy was met to acclaim from fans and press, with Adam touring the UK for a third time shortly after its release.



Jun. 25th - Glastonbury Festival, Pilton
Jul. 23rd - The Village, London
Jul. 25th - The Grove, Leeds
Jul. 26th - The Attic, Liverpool
Jul. 27th - 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff
Jul. 30th - The Talking Heads, Southampton
Aug. 2nd - The Old Queen's Head, London
Aug. 28th - Green Door Store, Brighton
Sept. 8th - The Mucky Duck, Brighton
Oct. 4th - The Old Queen's Head, London
Oct. 7th - 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff
Oct. 13th - The Greys, Brighton
Oct. 18th - The White Rabbit, Brighton
Oct. 22nd - The Village, London
Nov. 5th - The Brunswick, Brighton
Nov. 8th - The White Rabbit, Brighton
Nov. 20th - The Art House, Southampton
Dec. 2nd - The Talking Heads, Southampton


Feb. 13th - Junkyard Dogs, Brighton
Feb. 15th - Sound, Liverpool
Feb. 16th - Mr. Lynch, Newcastle
Feb. 18th - The Village, London
Feb. 19th - The Chequers, London
Feb. 20th - The Art House, Southampton
Feb. 21st - Como Lounge, Oxford
Feb. 27th - JoFest, Southampton
Mar. 9th - 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff
Mar. 20th - The Brunswick, Brighton
Mar. 25th - The Ferryman, Warsash
Apr. 5th - The Greys, Brighton
Apr. 6th - The Roaring Donkey, Swindon
Apr. 10th - The Talking Heads, Southampton
Apr. 14th - The Brunswick, Brighton
Apr. 30th - Cosmic Puffin Festival, Mersey Island
May 14th - The Good Ship, London
May 31st - The Greys, London
Jun. 1st - The Brunswick, Brighton
Jun. 22nd-Jun. 26th - Glastonbury Festival (5 sets)
Jun. 30th - The Lounge Bar, Eastbourne
Jul. 2nd - Junkyard Dogs, Brighton
Aug. 2nd - The Brunswick, Brighton
Sep. 6th - The Finsbury, London
Oct. 22nd - Junkyard Dogs, Brighton


May 21st - The Brunswick, Brighton
May 22nd - Transport Club, Cardiff
May 23rd - 81 Renshaw St., Liverpool
May 25th - The Wellington, Newcastle
May 26th - Como Lounge, Oxford
Jun. 2nd - The Art House, Southampton
Jun. 10th - Strongroom, London
Jun. 14th - The Brunswick, Brighton
Jun. 21st-Jun.26th - Glastonbury Festival (3 sets)