Adam Scott Glasspool’s music is not easy to describe. ‘Acoustic’ works. ‘Ambient’ also fits. ‘Alt-folk’ also seems to apply. Sad, slow, sarcastic, melancholy, uplifting, all of these elements appear in his work, but none of them describe it was a whole. He fuses warm, intricate guitar with atmospheric ambient sounds to create something wholly unique. He has released 5 EPs, 2 albums, undertaken 3 UK tours, played numerous festivals, and does this alone, recreating his complex arrangements with only one guitar.


In 2015 Adam Scott Glasspool picked up his guitar in order to start work on a stripped back project, somewhat different to the alt-rock and electronic bands he had helped to form. What came of these sessions was Adam’s first EP, ‘On Dreams,’ a complexly woven alt-folk record with tinges of ambient electronica. The ambitious nature of the arrangements meant that in order to recreate the songs live Adam began using a loop pedal, leading to a captivating and hypnotic live show.

Adam put his new found looping skills to good use in 2016, when he released ‘I Welcome the Flood.’ The 5 song EP built on the foundations set by ‘On Dreams.’ It was a “dark delight” (Rock Club UK) and was released to critical acclaim. It’s haunting melodies and emotive lyrics combined to create oblique and yet personal songs. The release was accompanied by Adam’s second UK tour.

Later in 2016 Adam released his third EP, ‘The Atlantic’, and then immediately took a break from playing live. The EP was released by surprise at what would be Adam’s last live performance for 6 months. ‘The Atlantic’ took Adam’s music to a place he had yet to explore. The ambient sounds that once soothed were now more abrasive, the lyrics more elusive, and the mood more sombre. With electronic beats, synthesised vocal parts, and non-traditional song structures, the EP was a bleak but rewarding experience.

Adam then had some time off and used it to collect the equipment necessary to faithfully recreate ‘The Atlantic’ live, and to record what would become Adam’s fourth EP, ‘Any Joy.’ Released in spring 2017, ‘Any Joy’ stripped back the layers built on ‘The Atlantic’ and eschewed guitars to reveal soft, shimmering soundscapes that are ethereal and mesmeric.

Adam's fifth EP, 'Until Its Death' was recorded on Adam's phone in the space of 24 hours in a house in Scotland. It features Adam playing and singing and nothing else. A few months after this release Adam released 'Ambients One', an album-length collection of ambient soundscapes taken from pieces of his previous work. Adam then released a live album/film called 'Staring into the Middle Distance'. Shot in London, Adam performs ten songs live 'in-studio', and talks to filmmaker James Quinn about making music.

Adam is currently working on his next release.


“the beginnings of a new talent, lyrically proficient and musically hypnotic” - Get Into This

“a modern poet” - Jammerzine

“the greatest complement you can give any original songwriter is that you can’t pin down exactly where their music fits into the scheme of things. And here that is an understatement, to say the least.” - Dancing About Architecture



Jun. 25th - Glastonbury Festival, Pilton
Jul. 23rd - The Village, London
Jul. 25th - The Grove, Leeds
Jul. 26th - The Attic, Liverpool
Jul. 27th - 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff
Jul. 30th - The Talking Heads, Southampton
Aug. 2nd - The Old Queen's Head, London
Aug. 28th - Green Door Store, Brighton
Sept. 8th - The Mucky Duck, Brighton
Oct. 4th - The Old Queen's Head, London
Oct. 7th - 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff
Oct. 13th - The Greys, Brighton
Oct. 18th - The White Rabbit, Brighton
Oct. 22nd - The Village, London
Nov. 5th - The Brunswick, Brighton
Nov. 8th - The White Rabbit, Brighton
Nov. 20th - The Art House, Southampton
Dec. 2nd - The Talking Heads, Southampton


Feb. 13th - Junkyard Dogs, Brighton
Feb. 15th - Sound, Liverpool
Feb. 16th - Mr. Lynch, Newcastle
Feb. 18th - The Village, London
Feb. 19th - The Chequers, London
Feb. 20th - The Art House, Southampton
Feb. 21st - Como Lounge, Oxford
Feb. 27th - JoFest, Southampton
Mar. 9th - 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff
Mar. 20th - The Brunswick, Brighton
Mar. 25th - The Ferryman, Warsash
Apr. 5th - The Greys, Brighton
Apr. 6th - The Roaring Donkey, Swindon
Apr. 10th - The Talking Heads, Southampton
Apr. 14th - The Brunswick, Brighton
Apr. 30th - Cosmic Puffin Festival, Mersey Island
May 14th - The Good Ship, London
May 31st - The Greys, London
Jun. 1st - The Brunswick, Brighton
Jun. 22nd-Jun. 26th - Glastonbury Festival (5 sets)
Jun. 30th - The Lounge Bar, Eastbourne
Jul. 2nd - Junkyard Dogs, Brighton
Aug. 2nd - The Brunswick, Brighton
Sep. 6th - The Finsbury, London
Oct. 22nd - Junkyard Dogs, Brighton


May 21st - The Brunswick, Brighton
May 22nd - Transport Club, Cardiff
May 23rd - 81 Renshaw St., Liverpool
May 25th - The Wellington, Newcastle
May 26th - Como Lounge, Oxford
Jun. 2nd - The Art House, Southampton
Jun. 10th - Strongroom, London
Jun. 14th - The Brunswick, Brighton
Jun. 21st-Jun. 25th - Glastonbury Festival (3 sets)
Jul. 13th - The Richmond, Brighton